john hex carter

John "Hex" Carter is a web developer, author, and entrepreneur. He has founded a music festival, co-founded a podcast, co-founded a video game monthly box subscription, wrote a book, designed a card game, designed a gaming glassware set, and over the course of the twelve years he's been doing all this stuff he's regularly coded in Ruby on Rails.

Until recently, Carter has tried to keep an honest job when it came to coding. Now he's a full-time freelance developer primarily using Ruby on Rails, but with decent knowledge in PHP and DevOps. If you want to see more of his portfolio or are looking for a developer / consultant, you are free to check out the hire me area of this website.

Originally from California, Carter currently resides in the Tampa Bay area of Florida with his partner, daughter, and a cadre of generally annoying cats. He codes full-time, makes a shockingly successful hobby of buying and selling laserdisc, and is perenially working on his next novel. He now actively blogs on this site, giving yet another excuse for why the novel isn't finished.

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